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Shiny hair, it is something all of us want but few of us can actually attain. We have tried all of the tricks to get there – from putting egg whites on our hair (and then rinsing with hot water and becoming a human omelette) to rinsing with cold water and completely ruining how relaxing our showers should have been. 

So what is the trick? Are some of us just destined to lack shiny hair and live on as dull and lifeless mops – or is there another way? 

We’ve scoured the internet and found a few ways that actually work to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Taking A Probiotic For Women

One of the best things you can do for your external health and beauty is to focus on what you put into your body. Taking a probiotic for women (like one from BiOptimizers: https://bioptimizers.com/best-probiotic-for-women-what-is-it-how-to-pick-definition-explanation-feminine-health) can help. Your gut impacts what you look like quite a bit. If you want to look your best (and not only how shiny your hair is, but how strong your nails are, how lustrous your skin is, and how clear your face is), taking a probiotic can keep everything aligned.

This is especially true if you are going to be travelling or under a lot of stress.

Eating Organic

Similarly to taking a probiotic, you need to support your healthy digestion. Eating organic foods ensures that your stomach is treated with kid gloves and you aren’t poisoning yourself in small doses. Now, eating organic can be expensive, so you have to make some concessions here and there. A basic rule to go by is to eat fruits that don’t have coverings as organic and then you can get foods where you don’t eat the peels as traditional produce – like oranges, avocados, and bananas. 

Of course, you should do your best to eat a plant-based diet instead of eating meats and dairy products that are filled with antibiotics.

Taking Care Of Your Scalp

Another way to give your hair a chance of being shiny is simply to take care of your scalp. So many of us use dry shampoos, hairspray, gels, and other products that build upon our scalps. We also aren’t very good about getting down into the scalp and rinsing it off. There are some products that you can buy that will detoxify your scalp and remove some of that build up. You can also get a super cheap brush to use while shampooing that will ensure you get close enough to the root bed. Just make sure that you use it when you rinse as well.

Of course, you can also just limit the number of products you use close to the scalp, especially dry shampoos.

Wash Your Hair Less

Of course, something else you can do is wash your hair less than you do now. It might seem strange, especially since we just said not to use dry shampoo, but it is important to stop shampooing with anything as much. It may be a rough transition period, especially if you are the type of person who shampoos every day. You want to get down to shampooing only once or twice a week. This will allow your hair to have natural oils that will help it to look shiny.

Use A Hair Oil

Of course, if all else fails, you can use hair oil to get the shiny hair that you want. These should be used away from the scalp (as mentioned above) and use a light hand – if you use too much, you will have to wash your hair more and strip away any of the natural oils that you produce.

Look for a lighter hair oil that is made of natural materials for the best results. A spray is better than a jar because you can get a finer spray across your head and not just in certain areas.


If you want shinier hair, take some of the steps above before you resort to the weird and strange that you can find on the internet – your hair will thank you for it.

The best place to start may be BiOptimizers, as you will work from the inside out – click here for more information: http://bioptimizers.com/.